BitSensor PHP Plugin

BitSensor PHP Plugin


  • php >= 5.3.3


This project uses Composer to handle dependencies. Use php composer.phar install to install everything after checking out the source.


The application can be packaged as a PHP Archive (phar). Executing the following command will generate the archive:

php build-tools/phar.php [output-file]

By default, the resulting file will be placed in the target/ folder, but this can be changed via the optional output-file parameter.


Assuming default target location, a simple test run can be executed using curl localhost/php/test/index.php. This should return "Accepted", the raw JSON datapoint and the encrypted datapoint.
To test successful connection using your API key and endpoint, change the configuration in the test/index.php file and login to your BitSensor dashboard.

For more extensive debugging in your codebase, we provide the following hooks:

Debug logging can be printed using BitSensor\Util\Log::d($msg), this will only be printed when running in debug mode, activated by setting $debug to true in the global scope like this:

global $debug;
$debug = true;

This should be done in a test script and not in the actual source.


BitSensor can be used with Composer or as a standalone Phar.


Add bitsensor/php to your composer.json. After running php composer.phar install all required dependencies will be available to you. Refer to Composer's Documentation for more information.


use BitSensor\Core\BitSensor;
use BitSensor\Core\Config;

// Load Composer's autoloader
require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create config using PHP.
$config = new Config();

// Start BitSensor 
$bitSensor = new BitSensor($config);


Upload bitsensor.phar to your server and create a config.json file, or define your config in PHP.


use BitSensor\Core\BitSensor;
use BitSensor\Core\Config;

// Load BitSensor phar
require_once '/path/to/bitsensor.phar';

// Create config using PHP.
$config = new Config();

// Start BitSensor 
$bitSensor = new BitSensor($config);


You have the following config options at your disposal:

PHP JSON Value Default Description
setUri() uri uri URI to the BitSensor API.
setUser() user username Your BitSensor username.
setApiKey() apiKey api key Your BitSensor API key.
setMode() mode Config::MODE_ON ("on"), Config::MODE_DETECTION ("detection") Config::MODE_ON ("on") Running mode. In detection mode only logging will be done.
setConnectionFail() connectionFail Config::ACTION_ALLOW ("allow"), Config::ACTION_BLOCK ("block") Config::ACTION_BLOCK ("block") Action to perform when the connection to the BitSensor servers is lost.
setIpAddressSrc() ipAddressSrc Config::IP_ADDRESS_REMOTE_ADDR ("remoteAddr"), Config::IP_ADDRESS_X_FORWARDED_FOR ("forwardedFor"), Config::IP_ADDRESS_MANUAL ("manual") Config::IP_ADDRESS_REMOTE_ADDR ("remoteAddr") Source of the IP address of the user.
setIpAddress() ipAddress ip override IP address manual override value.
setHostSrc() hostSrc Config::HOST_SERVER_NAME ("serverName"), Config::HOST_HOST_HEADER ("hostHeader"), Config::HOST_MANUAL ("manual") Config::HOST_SERVER_NAME ("serverName") Source of the hostname.
setHost() host host address override Hostname manual override value.
setLogLevel() logLevel Config::LOG_LEVEL_ALL ("all"), Config::LOG_LEVEL_NONE ("none") Config::LOG_LEVEL_ALL ("all") The logging level.
setOutputFlushing outputFlushing Config::OUTPUT_FLUSHING_ON ("on"), Config::OUTPUT_FLUSHING_OFF ("off") Config::OUTPUT_FLUSHING_OFF ("off") Output flushing. Turning this on allows the browser to render the page while BitSensor is still working in the background.

The configuration can be specified in either PHP or JSON. To use JSON instead of PHP use the following code: index.php

$bitSensor = new BitSensor('/path/to/config.json');

Sample configuration file:

  "uri": "",
  "user": "example_user",
  "apiKey": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
  "mode": "detection",
  "connectionFail": "allow",
  "ipAddressSrc": "remoteAddr",
  "hostSrc": "serverName",
  "logLevel": "none"


After sinking BitSensor hooks in your application, you can extend BitSensor's visibility to include Apache events that aren't processed by your application.

To log Apache errors add the following to your .htaccess:

# Open .phar files as PHP files
AddType application/x-httpd-php .phar

# Add all errors you want BitSensor to handle
# The path to BitSensor.phar is as seen in the URL in the browser
ErrorDocument 400 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=400
ErrorDocument 401 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=401
ErrorDocument 402 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=402
ErrorDocument 403 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=403
ErrorDocument 404 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=404
ErrorDocument 405 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=405
ErrorDocument 406 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=406
ErrorDocument 407 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=407
ErrorDocument 408 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=408
ErrorDocument 409 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=409
ErrorDocument 410 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=410
ErrorDocument 411 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=411
ErrorDocument 412 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=412
ErrorDocument 413 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=413
ErrorDocument 414 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=414
ErrorDocument 415 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=415
ErrorDocument 500 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=500
ErrorDocument 501 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=501
ErrorDocument 502 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=502
ErrorDocument 503 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=503
ErrorDocument 504 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=504
ErrorDocument 505 /path/to/BitSensor.phar/Handler/ErrorDocumentHandler.php?e=505

# Add all errors you want to show a custom page for
# The path is as seen in the URL in the browser
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_400 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_401 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_402 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_403 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_404 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_405 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_406 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_407 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_408 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_409 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_410 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_411 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_412 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_413 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_414 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_415 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_500 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_501 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_502 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_503 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_504 /path/to/error/document.html
SetEnv ERROR_DOCUMENT_505 /path/to/error/document.html

External dependencies

Libraries not managed by Composer should go in the lib/ folder.